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M S Hove...Rev

Cell: 0749498923 RSA.


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"Our father which art at State House illegitimately....!"

"Our father which art at State House illegitimately....!"

Whoever is "brave" now must acknowledge Mr Morgan Tsvangirai!

Whoever is "brave" now must acknowledge Mr Morgan Tsvangirai!
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Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Is Robert Mugabe the "Master-Assassin"?

This letter requires answers and is self-explanatory! Rev M S Hove. Cell in RSA: 0027791463039 mufarostig@yahoo.co.uk


Open Letter To President Robert Gabriel Mugabe!
PREAMBLE: There have been many open letters to you,your Excellency!

The most challenging ones used to appear in "The Daily News" (which you made all efforts to silence! I wonder if you by any chance read any of them. The people you claim to lead were writing to you in your capacity as The Executive President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.They were trying to offer solutions to to the country's problems and others were asking questions. (You remember its you that was saying Zimbabwe is a Nation of Rumour-mongers.) You mainly ignored these various "Open Letters" but you cannot afford to ignore this one. Cde Robert , you have perrenially sorrounded yourself with timid "bootlickers" and praise-singers and nobody knows better than you that any system that ncourages "Hero-Worship" of "The Boss" tends to lead to lead to a Dictatorship and you very well know that we have been in that state (of Dictatorship) even before these "born-frees" of ours were born!

But Cde Robert,our dear country (which you correctly call "The Holy Land"),is in a despicable state of severe political ,psychological ,social and economical turmoil and decay. You, Cde Robert ,do not know what I am talking about because you move about with bodyguards and the few people who have access to you eg Prof "Mafikizolo" Jonathan Moyo are just committed political prostitutes and despicable, stinking hypocrites. You deliberately created that sorry scenarioand apparently you sadistically enjoy every moment of it. We then have imbeciles and crooks like Didymus Mutasa who have the guts to say, "any publicity is good publicity…" including his clapping of a ZRP Inspector! Then we have Elliot Manyika who shoots from the hip on Election Day at Zengeza! (Talk about any publicity being good publicity!) For sure there was "good publicity" and the young man was buried with "great publicity." (Talk about degrees and diplomas in violence!) We also have Joseph "Mugodhoyi" Msika who breathes "hellfire and brimstone" when the CIO beat up Zanu-Pf youths (in error); yet he sips his whiskey quietly when the same CIO beat up , rape , mame and murder MDC members on a daily basis! Now Cde Robert, we want to expose you as the "Public Enemy Number One" in this our God-forsaken but beautiful country! Your primary objective is to remain in power "till death do us part". The main reason is because you face death sentences for your supervisory role in the assassination of hundreds of your actual and potential "enemies" before and after uhuru. Like the brave Margaret Dongo once said in the August House..(The House of Assembly), all the Central Committee Members and the Cabinet Members are "your wives". Those that have dared stand up to your Dictatorship have suffered serious consequences eg car accidents and other various strange misfortunes. I and others have decided to bring you down to Mother Earth and to break that false sense of cohesion which exists in the ill-fated Organisation called ZANU-PF. ZANU-PF without you, Cde Robert, has hope of redemption!

We know how numerous PolitBuro members have attempted to bring sanity to our God-forsaken situation but you then intervened spitting venom and threatening to rain down "fire and brimstone"on those who exhibited what you call "rank-madness" (whatever that means!) A ready example is when Cde Emmerson Munangagwa sent Colonel Dyke to the MDC leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to try to work out an Agreement to get Zimbabwe out of the hole that it is in. After the 2000 Referendum, you have stayed in State House in the same manner that a man can have conjugal relationships with a woman who has said she no longer that particular man. That then becomes "domestic rape!" You are effectively raping a whole nation and if you thought you would "hang on" until 2008, then can I inform you very sternly that you are completely mistaken! YOU MUST LEAVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! In fact, you should have left 15 or 20 years ago! Please go on ZBC and ZTV and explain your role in the happenings that I will list after this Preamble: and perhaps if you did that you may have done one honorouble act before you leave that Esteemed Office (which you have occupied for many years without the mandate even of the Political Party you claim to lead ie ZANU-PF.) Every honest Zimbabwean knows that the Legitimate Leader of The Republic of Zimbabwe since 2002 is the MDC leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.. We ALL know what happened because you used us to do the things that were done! You instructed the Chief Justice to hold up the Election Petition Hearings because both The Chief Justice and you know very well that like the other 38 Parliametnary Election Petitions which the MDC won against "your" ZANU-PF; you will have to move unceremoniously out of State House! But Cde Robert, you can fool some people some time….YES!….but you can't fool ALL the people ALL the time!

The issue is not about sovereignity or the land etc! These you hammer on to confuse the situation! We will solve and rationalise the land issue after you, Cde Robert, are gone! Like the MDC leader once said on a certain warm ,nice, sunny afternoon at Rufaro Stadium, "What we want to tell Mugabe today……….GO PEACEFULLY OR WE WILL REMOVE YOU VIOLENTLY!" Incidentally the people of Zimbabwe are generally peacce-loving and cheerful….and Cde Robert you have really capitalized on that! Cde Robert, you have insulated yourself from competition and challenges for the leadership of ZANU-PF since you took over the leadership therof in 1963. What's special about Robert Mugabe, though? Cde Robert are you telling us that since 1963 (ie 40 years), its only you who has the ability to lead ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe? Which Congress or National Conference was afforded the opportunity to vote properly (by secret ballot) to choose its First Secretary and President? Cde Robert you so educated and so intelligent that you know very well that this "show of hands" business is always intimidatory! May I take this opportunity to salute the "dissidents." Margaret Dongo, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Edgar Tekere, Eddison Zvobgo, Patrick Kombayi, etc. They dared stand up to the Zimbabwean Deity ie The Great Leader, His Excellency , Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. We know that Cde "Border-To -Border" ruffled some feathers when he suggested that "new blood" be allowed to lead the Party even up to the position of First Secretary and President! He met his rough and sudden demise a few weeks later on that black Saturday morning! By your intransigence and arrogance , you have finally caused the creation of the real "monster", (the MDC) which which will finally bring sanity to this madness that you have externalized from your own personality to the rest of the population! The CIO which you consider as your "Boys' Scouts" and "Girl Guides", should be informing you that the MDC is actually growing from strength to strength! Your own PolitBuro Appointees are contacting them (The MDC) periodically and hoping your demise will come sooner rather later so that we can start cleaning up the mess that you have been presiding over.

This , Cde Robert , has been the Introduction!


In the process of the healing of our wounded and bleeding nation, I humbly request you, sir, to reply the questions that continue to haunt many Zimbabweans both within the Revolutionary Party ZANU-PF and those that belong to other Political Parties. Even the "non-political" persons need replies as well since you are occupying an Elevated Post whose decisions affect practically every citizen of this great but sad nation. All the violence that you have organised and supervised in the Name of winning the people over to "your" party ZANU-PF ; ALL THAT VIOLENCE HAS WORKED IN A COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE MANNER. ZANU-PF is now generally viewed as a primitive, blood-thirsty Mafia Organisation which considers itself above the law as it wrecks havoc in the country like the proverbial "bull in a china shop."

ONE: THE DEATH OF CDE JOSIAH MAGAMA TONGOGARA! That great guerilla leader, who exactly was with him in that LandRover when he met his untimely death? Was it Oppah Rushesha-Muchinguri (who is widely believed to have been your girl-friend) or was it Joyce "Teurai Ropa Nhongo" Mujuru? Is it true or false that you arranged for his elimination because you knew he had high regard for Cde Joshua Nkomo and you were not happy with his hammering on the need for The Patriotic Front to contest the 1980 Elections back home as one Political Party?

TWO: THE DEATH OF CDE WITNESS RUKARWA! How and why was Cde Witness Rukarwa die? (Cde Witness Rukarwa was a Governor and Resident Minister of Mashonaland West after Cde M Chivende.) His wife (who is a qualified and Senior Nurse) swore that she saw what looked like a bullet wound on her husband's head. Of course when "The Herald" came to her to seek more information, she vehemently refused that she had even issued that statement. That has been the pattern since 1980 that the truth is heard initially but for obvious reasons the witness changes his/her statement and vows that they never said it for fear of you and your dreaded CIO (commonly known as the SEE-TEN.) The CIO operative Mushambadope (who is now late and who was in the vehicle at time of the supposed accident) gave us a few details which we will devulge after your response to this our humble missive.

THREE: THE DEATH OF THE GREAT "GONO GOTO!" Is it not true that when the great journalist ,Willie Dzawanda Musarurwa died the poisoned food he ate was actually meant for the other great journalist,Geoff Nyarota? Is it not true that the error occurred when an unintelligent hotel employee gave the two the wrong plates? If we are wrong, please kindly enlighten us!

FOUR: THE DEATH OF CDE CHRIS USHEWOKUNZE! The details of what happened on that fateful night are too numerous to be tackled in this missive. But we wonder what the now late Cde Hebert Ushewokunze meant when he said (at the funeral): "Iwe zvawapedza ese masahwira anga achifanira kuzokuviga, kana wafa uchazovigwa nani?" We all knew that he meant you, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Please comment on this allegation!

FIVE: THE DEATH OF CDE SIDNEY MALUNGA! We wonder who believes that story of the "black dog" which confused Cde Sidney Malunga's driver and caused him to "veer" off the road thereby supposedly causing that "fateful accident." As usual, only "THE TARGET" dies and the accompanying passengers live to tell the bizzare stories! Except in the case of Cde Zororo Duri who perished with his children but again we understand that it was the lucky God-protected Mr Geoff Nyarota who intended when Cde Duri was caught in the "cross-fire".) Were you involved in the death of Cde Sidney Malunga, Cde Robert? If you were not, as The Executive President of The Republic of Zimbabwe, we ask you to institute urgent Inquests into all these said "mysterious" deaths.

SIX: THE DEATH OF CDE "LOOKOUT" MASUKU! That gallant ZIPRA Commander was unwell (to put it midly) when he left prison. We generally believe that he was "poisoned" or had some form of "slow puncture" done on him while in prison. In shona we call it "mafiramberi." That he was not declared a National Hero is sobering enough, but we need clarity on how he really died? Did you arrange his elimination, Cde Robert?

SEVEN: THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN NLEYA! "PARADE" magazine used to update us on the distress signals that were being sent out by the now late Captain Nleya. The said Captain was allegedly being followed by "men in dark glasses" for some time until he was founded murdered in the mountains somewhere in Hwange. What has never ceased to amaze us is how you, as the overall father of The Nation of Zimbabwe, how you have publicly expressed your concern at the strange and mysterious deaths of ALL these said ill-fated souls. Even if you would weep and express ignorance in the planning of the elimination/assassination of the said people, you still stand guilty of the "Sin of Ommission." It is said that evil thrives and flourishes when good man say nothing! THAT IS THE PRIMARY REASON WHY WE HAVE DECIDED TO GIVE THE NATIONA CHANCE TO HEAR YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY AND THEREBY "CLEARING THE AIR", SO TO SAY!

EIGHT: THE DEATH OF CDE ZORORO DURI AND HIS CHILDREN! We understand that Cde Zororo Duri was advised that he was on your "hit list" and he then decided to travel everyday with his children. We understand that so impatient was the master-assassin ( whether it was you, Cde Robert or it was somebody else), the order was given that if he continues to travel with his kids: he can as well "go" with them! But what boggles the mind is that in many of these supposed accidents; Cde Oppah Rushesha-Muchinguri is always the first to arrive at the scene of the accident! For now lets leave that issue at that until you Cde Robert respond to this missive.

NINE: THE DEATH OF CDE WILLIAM NDANGANA! The former Deputy Minister of Defence (Responsible for Paramilitary Training) had given Cde "Two-Boy" (Cde Edgar Tekere) a lift when they were going to Harare from Mutare for the Opening of Parliament. That , we are told, incensed or infuriated you because Cde Edgar Tekere was the leader of the now defunct Z U M at that time. So we gather that an order was given that both Ndangana and Tekere had to "go!" Cde Ndangana did give a lift to Cde Tekere on the way back from Harare to Mutare but we understand Cde Tekere had some "sixth sense vision" or alternatively a SEA-TEN Operative tipped him and he decided to remain at some point in Harare. He then (as we are told) got onto a bus heading for the same destination, Mutare. To cut the long story short, we understand he saw the scene of the accident (in which he was supposed to be involved) from inside the bus and the asked the bus driver to drive on to avoid his detection (that he was in this bus.) As usual , Cde Oppah was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and the rest of the story is now history! But our request, Cde Robert, is: Please cleanse and exonerate yourself, for it is alleged that it is you who is the master-assassin in all these "accidents."

TEN: THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF CDE PATRICK KOMBAYI! We were very much shocked and disappointed when you ,the Mighty Robert Gabriel Mugabe, The First Secretary and President of the Almighty ZANU-PF stooped down low to "offer" Presidential Pardons to Cde Partick Kombayi who had really nearly lost his life in a "Democratic Battle" in Gweru! That story is in itself long but the billion-dollar question is: WHAT MESSAGE DID THAT PRESIDENTIAL PARDON GIVE TO THE ZANU-PF THUGS THAT PERPETRATE VIOLENCE IN ZIMBABWE?? Cde Robert you are intelligent and educated enough to decipher what I am trying to imply by my question!

ELEVEN: THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF CDE GODFREY MAJONGA! We understand there was a love triangle between Cde Emmerson "soft-as wool" Munangagwa and Godfrey Majonga. Or was it bigger than that? We as the people of Zimbabwe need answers because we can't have a nation of rumours, like you observed yourself Cde Robert!

TWELVE: THE DEATH OF MR PETER PAMIRE! How much was Cde R G Mugabe involved? If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

THIRTEEN: THE DEATH OF MISS RASHIWE GUZHA! How much was Cde Robert involved eg the kidney reqiurement for Cde Sally? Etc. If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

FOURTEEN: THE DEATH OF CDE EDDISSON SHIRIHURU! Was he now "singing" about the death of Rashie? Did he commit suicide or was eliminated? Was he in love with Rashie? Or was it Cde Robert? Or both? If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

FIFTEEN: THE DEATH OF CDE MAURICE NYAGUMBO! Was it really suicide? Or was he forced to drink the poisoned chalice? If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

SIXTEEN: THE DEATH OF CDE "BORDER TO BORDER." If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

SEVENTEEN: THE DEATH OF CDE MOVEN MAHACHI. As usual, Cde Oppah was the first to arrive! If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

EIGHTEEN: THE DEATH OF BISHOP MUZOREWA'S SON! You remember that young man that used to boast in the "Parade" Magazine that his wife's wardrobe was miles ahead of Cde Grace Marufu-Goreraza-Mugabe's? His death..was it really natural? If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

NINETEEN: THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF MR MORGAN TSVANGIRAI! From that attempt on his life in the ZCTU Office in Harare to other attempts at Chivhu and Mvurwi…who is behind them? Is it the "mighty" Robert Himself? If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

TWENTY: THE BOMBING OF THE "DAILY NEWS" PRINTING PRESSES! Twice the "Daily News" Printing Presses were bombed. The thugs that used sophisticated explosives were never found! Do you Cde Robert, have any idea? If we don't get replies, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

TWENTY_ONE: THE BOND THAT USED TO EXIST BETWEEN CDE ROBERT AND THAT MASTER- ASSASSIN : THE "NGWAZI", DR HASTINGS KAMUZU BANDA! We, the simple, peace-loving people of Zimbabwe were both ashamed and disappointed and full of shame at exaggerated bond of affection that used to exist between our Jongwe (whom we held in high esteem) and the Malawian "The Ngwazi", who used boast that he had neither hesitation nor regrets that he threw his "enemies" into the crocodile-infested rivers alive. Cde Robert, own dear Cde Jongwe (not Learnmore) please assist us with answers! If we don't get answers, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

TWENTY-TWO: THE DEATH OF NONE OTHER THAN THE UMAMA WETHU , MAMA MAFUYANE! Surely we are never given a break at all! "The Daily News on Sunday" of the 10th of August ,2003 reported that the death of Mrs J M N Nkomo, the former ZAPU President and subsequently the Second Vice-President of ZANU-PF and the State of Zimbabwe, the paper reported that this lovely motherly widow had allegedly assassinated by ZANU-PF Women's League Members. The Bulawayo Police had confirmed receiving the story from Thandiwe, Dr Nqabuko Nkomo's daughter. Now we read in the "Independent" that Miss Thandiwe is developing "cold feet" over the request for an Inquest! If we don't get answers, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

TWENTY-THREE: THE DEATH OF THE WAR VETERAN'S LEADER, CAIN NKALA! Mrs Nkala says the people who took her husband are the same people that used to take him before that fateful day! (That means fellow War Vet Colleagues and ZANU-PF hangers-on). A Senior Policeman, Maceleni, was part of that stage-managed scene of the "discovery" of Cde Cain Nkala's body! So, Cde Robert, What is the real truth? Was Cde Maceleni, the policeman eliminated because he was "singing" too much? If we don't get answers, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

TWENTY-FOUR: THE DEATH OF THE MDC SPOKESMAN, MR L JONGWE! Was it a case of "dzawira mutswanda", Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe? How did Cde Learnmore get those "pills" in that cell? Who gave him and why? If we don't get answers, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."



Cde Robert, please kindly answer ..TRUE OR FALSE!

a.) Cde Albert was in love with Sally? T/F

b.) He was not really in love as such, but he was asked by your mother (Mbuya Bona) to help out since was about to die and Cde Robert had no grandchildren to give her? T/F

c.) Cde Albert was actually murdered and the "fall into the swimming pool" was just for Public Comsumption. T/F

d.) Cde Salyy then was sent to Great Britain (the home of the "Blair Toilet") for an abortion. T/F If we don't get answers, we will give the versions we got from "reliable sources."

To sum up , Cde Robert, we hear rumours that you are afraid of leaving Office because of the questions that may lead to your rough demise! We understand that soldier Goreraza (whose wife, Grace you took) is also insane with fury! Please do it the Biblical way! Here it is: First John chapter 1 verse 9: "If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from ALL iniquity." We love you and we are praying for you!

Yours faithfully,

Cde Trust Sibanda


PLEASE KINDLY CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE TO THIS LETTER: http://te-in.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=29447716280&topic=7733


Unknown said...

The death of Tchiona Chiminya, the death of Morgan Mutanhaurwa, Peter Munyuki

Killian said...

How can you prove that Mugabe killed these people

Unknown said...


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Unknown said...

Mugabe the terminator